My heart is heavy today. I can’t stay focused and my mind is easily distracted. You see, I was informed last night that a friend had suffered a severe brain injury and was fighting for her life. (She continues in the ICU today.) I got notified that another friend fell and was in the ER seeing if she had broken her wrist. Then in the next hour a friend posted asking for prayers as she had three friends in separate places battling severe injuries. Wow! What a night!

We all know life is a gift; that it can all go south or end very quickly. I hope and pray all of them will get well very quickly despite any odds they may have against them in some cases. Regardless, I’m feeling powerless. But isn’t that the case anyway? We don’t know when this ride is going to end. Again the message that time is of the essence coming at me but with full force these last 12 hours.

My friend Calla (Ms. Sassy- if you know her) would tell me to get back in the game. This is her journey not mine right now. I have to say that is the goal of even writing this little piece now. Get it off my chest, out of my mind and get back to doing/living. Create something positive today and move forward not stuck mulling. Mulling away the day doesn’t help Ms. Calla. It just wastes time which I’ve gotten reminded we don’t have as much of as we think we do. Come back to us soon Ms. Sassy Calla. We need and benefit from the light you give to our lives.