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I can have a tendency to procrastinate as I’ve already mentioned. It’s a ten step program and I keep getting stuck on the third step (just joking). Sometimes the procrastination comes from my wanting and thinking things have to be perfect. I realized this was the case with recording my first video which I wanted to act as an overall introduction to this endevor. This video would entail a lot of firsts for me; first time videotaping, editing, uploading to YouTube and ultimately now my first link in a post here. I was allowing myself to get stuck on so many details and then the “what ifs” that I was becoming frozen. I knew I had to go forward regardless of whether I felt sufficiently planned, organized or rehearsed. I was never going to get to a state of complete satisfaction. Taking a deep breath, I recorded the video.

I was correct. I will never be satisfied with what I recorded and have now decided to share with you. I see more errors and imperfections, hopefully more than you will. However, isn’t that life? Don’t we all wish we could plan things and always get it right the first time? The funny thing as I thought about this I realized something. Silly, life can’t be planned for completely. The times in my life I tried to plan how things would go and have every step accounted for resulted many times in a less joyful experience.

I am aware that to be successful in my goals for this project there will need to be planning and organizing. However, I also acknowledge that in some aspects I’m going to have to trust in my creative side and let things be unpredictable periodically. Sometimes the unpredictable things in life, mine at least, have resulted in some of my best memories and accomplishments. Here’s to finding a good balance.