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It seems I tend to be way ahead of the curve or a little late to the party in my life. Starting a blog site now is skewing towards that better late than never side. Many people have been keeping blogs for years and I’m starting this now, why? Because I can no longer delay starting a project that I’ve wanted to do for almost a decade. In my case, Time is truly working against me.

I’ve named my project Sofia -Wisdom of the Ages. Sofia is Greek for wisdom. Some refer to Sofia as a goddess. Others believe Sofia has been around since the creation of Earth and the dawn of man. As humans live they experience and as a result gather knowledge. This knowledge allows us to make decisions about how we can deal with our existence to making specific attempts to improve on it. If we do this well, then others seek out to receive this insight and wisdom and use it hopefully for their benefit.

In ancient times, elders of the tribe shared their wisdom so that it could be recorded or known in stories-myths. These stories were then passed down to the next generations in hopes that they would benefit not only the tribe but for individuals needing guidance. In modern times, we seemed to have lost sight of the value and importance of the vast wisdom contained in adults and especially our older adults. Society, today, tends to struggle with and fear aging. We think of aging in predominantly negative terms. However, if we once again listened to and acclaimed the knowledge and insights of our elders instead of the tendency to cast them away as ramblings of the old and somehow rendered useless, we may begin to see the patterns of beneficial behaviors, how humans adapt given adversity, strength to persevere vs despair. How can we use this trove of wisdom to update and expand on our current psychosocial theories of human development and the roles of life and death within it.

The mission of my project is to accumulate, document and review the life histories of older adults through mainly videotaped interviews. Initially, precedence will be given to the oldest adults having experienced World War II, the Great Depression, the Civil Rights Movement and the Women’s Equality Movement. The 20th Century was a period of some of the fastest paced and greatest amount of change our society has ever experienced. Adults that lived through these times have the ability to tell us about life before and after these events. What do they see us as not understanding, returning to and about to repeat that would not benefit us as a society?

These interviews will be maintained for study and review but will also be provided to the families as legacy gifts. Some adults may be interviewed again in 5 year periods, if they are able, to account for continued growth in their insight/wisdom to be documented. The blog’s website will act as a central storage site and include links to the videos available on the project’s YouTube channel. This way the public can have access to read/view histories, creative writings and stories that may be of benefit to them, knowing what others have experienced or dealt with before them; maybe gain enjoyment or solace from others. In time, as the number of acquired histories grows, others may find the information to be sufficient to initiate using as a qualitative data set to review and revise our current human development and psychosocial theories.

If I even come close to accomplishing a portions of these goals then I will be extremely pleased and highly appreciative. This is not a quick project by any means. It is one that is going to take great patience on my part and a significant amount of ongoing planning. However, when others ask me what I’m up to lately, the tendency is to note that I get very passionate speaking about this project. And that’s just it. I guess it is my passion. It’s been haunting me for a decade reminding me to attend to it. My hope is you will experience some of it with me too over the many years to come.