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Assignment #1: Free Write for 20 minutes on anything. Don’t worry about grammar, any technical stuff, just write. So maybe I’d come up with an amazing and insightful post. Nope!

Presently I have two ideas fighting for my attention to write about them today. First one that comes to mind is light and playful. I could have fun with it and relax my mind. The second will take me to a more dark place mentally and emotionally because I’m stuck living within it’s reach at this moment. So what should it be? Light and funny = squirrel or dark and life sucking = being at a mandatory pair of meetings for the Department of Re-Employment. Ooh can you just hear the Star Wars music in the background with that option! Well not wanting to turn to the Darkside…squirrels it is!

Squirrels, you love them and you hate them, especially if you have bird feeders. They are persistent little buggers. Highly adaptable and amazing problem solvers; unless you grease the pole to the bird feeder. (Funny video to watch on Facebook right now. Is it wrong I got so much enjoyment from it?!?). Squirrel is an animal, a noun, an object but can also be an adjective and state of being. Ever felt squirrelly? I’m feeling pretty squirrelly or flighty right now I must admit. Squirrels are accused of being scattered and hyperactive. They can also be very frugal. Time to squirrel your money away for a rainy day or long winter.

This has been a whole lot of attention and writing given to a little ol’squirrel. However, today physically sitting in the kind of waiting room I’m in presently, I’ll take the whimsical and not let the negative get hold of my world. You can learn a lot from this little creature. Like I said, persistence, adaptation, innovative problem solvers and great savers. I’d rather be outside climbing trees like them too right now. I’m afraid of heights. I might just risk it if it meant escaping where I am right now.