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Oh how I love to awake to this room, this place. Whenever I’m here I sleep so soundly and when it’s time to awake I peacefully edge back into reality. It’s like slowly surfacing from a warm engulfing bath. Such contrast to awaking in my usual bed back home. Here in this special place I visit, there is no hesitation about having to get up for the day. Because when I open my eyes, I know it will just be more of paradise.

Slowly my lids separate so I can see the white gauze that has kept my bed lightly enclosed just in case any bugs should dare enter during the night. Ah, the fresh air gently circulating into my room on its own, assisted by the lazy swirling ceiling fan above almost asking who’s moving who. The low whirring of its motor barely noticeable above the sounds of waves tossing themselves on shore right outside my bedroom doors. Doors I keep open without a care. The smell of sea salt, cypress and sand hiding nothing from my mind. Smells and sounds alone triggering memory. No need to open my eyes to know where I am right now, my paradise, my beach for one.

Yet I open my eyes knowing what an amazing view I’ll see. Deep colored teak floors, Caribbean colored rugs scattered, whitewashed walls, my favorite sitting area begging me to come the few feet to enjoy the view and a warm cup of local coffee. I love this chair as I kick my legs up and lean back able to see the sky of blue jewel tones boarded below by soft sifted sand. The day is looking to be clear with the ability to see almost beyond the ocean horizon if you tried hard enough. My daydreaming chair. Nothing else better I can think to do at that moment but daydream the day away with a breeze, the sounds of the beach and the smell of my coffee I’m just too lazy to reach for at the moment. Maybe a nap is on the agenda after I pull myself away to go walk the tideline? I think, we shall see. No plans allowed here.

Oh how I love to be here in my paradise. Instead I’m here just about to be rudely brought back to reality by my alarm. How cruel it is to visit this place and it’s freedom so soon before my reality starts.