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Today is a fury of last minute prep, brainstorming questions and actually writing them down, not keeping them in my head. Later tonight will be my first official recording of an interview for my Sofia-Wisdom of the Ages project. Since my subject is in Ohio and I’m in Florida, the wonder’s of technology are being attempted to pull this interview off, hopefully without a hitch.

I’m looking forward to hearing about the life experiences of this woman as a young adult during the 1960s. What was her experience not only as a woman during the Equal Rights movement but also as an African American in the Northern States during the Civil Rights movement? So much changed during this time. Did it affect how she raised her family? Now 40 years after the Civil Rights Act, what are her thoughts, opinions, experiences? What are her insights, lessons that she wants to share with the younger generations in her family? What does she still want to accomplish?

Stay tuned for the video and some future posts discussing what occurred and what Impressions I took away from it. I’m thinking she will have a lot of interesting information to for me to digest. I look forward to sharing it.