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No place better than a Barnes and Noble to immerse oneself into the act of voyeurism. I set myself to get the lay of the land before settling on a place to camp out for an hour. I scanned my surroundings with killer precision. There it was, the coveted oversized leather chair set to the side of the cafe. One could sink comfortably into that behemoth then observe with confidentiality. The arms so wide your venti balanced with confidence. It’s never unoccupied. Today, it would be mine.

I jostled my way past the gaggle of older ladies squawking the pro and cons of each drink given the late hour of the day. High stepping my way around them, dread struck me. Another had spotted my chair. We were both zeroing in on the same prey.

Looks of determination mirrored in our faces. Both our paces quickened. ‘Oh come on, for real!’, shouted the thoughts inside my head. She was good. Long legs stretched the lengths with great agility while I had to maneuver the obstacles of the scientific games area. ‘Please let her break a heel’, I beseeched the Cafe Gods. ‘Let me get this chair just this time.’ I kept powering my path towards the chair. We were thoroughbreds nosing for the tape. Just a little more…I realized my handbag had a long strap. Without shame, I flung it while praying for good aim. Bag to chair, it was mine! My body skidded into the seat with seconds to spare.

I went to raise my fist and cry out ‘YES!’ in victory but caught myself. Instead, I simpered then look down at the coffee in my hand. Not a drop lost either. Today really was my lucky day! I inhaled then let it out with pronounced satisfaction. Now if only a cute guy would appear. It would be the B & N version of the lottery.