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IMG_1131.JPG Imagine my surprise when tildy1 of the beespeak nominated me for the “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award”. I was surprised AND flattered. What a nice vote of confidence since I have only just started blogging myself. I thank tildy1 and appreciate her vote of confidence. Please make sure you check out her blog because she’s a talented writer!

Upon being nominated, should you choose to agree to this mission and before this message self-destructs….oops…wrong situation. I promise nothing is set to self-destruct upon my doing, I swear. OK, being serious, I must put the award logo on my blog (which I’ve done – see above). I must thank the person who nominated me (also see above). I must answer ten questions that were provided to me (see below). I am then to nominate 10 blogs myself and provide ten new questions for these lovely ladies to answer. Well, here goes nothing or at least me proving that I can successfully follow directions.

The Ten Questions I am to Answer:

1) What is your favorite vacation spot? – Locally it would be St. Augustine, FL. What history, vistas, and great food/drink. Otherwise, I’d say Asheville, NC for the views, air, hiking and beer/food. Hmmm, a pattern.

2) What are your favorite pizza toppings? – Lots of veggies, little cheese, lots of sauce and sausage.

3) Have you ever taken a writing course, and if so, what kind? – Does English Composition for Freshman year college count? That’s the only official one I’ve ever taken unless you count portions in my high school English classes.

4) How do you find the time in your busy day to blog? – Well, you would think that being presently unemployed that I’d have all the time in the world. Some days that is truly the case, for which I’m grateful to be able to explore this side of my abilities. However, I have a lot of work I’m doing on my documentary project/website, trying to find a job and now going to class on Saturdays. Therefore, I sometimes don’t write until late in the day or have to put it off until the weekend.

5) How do you keep up with the news? – I tend to watch only the 6:00-7:00 local and NBC Nightly News. I now rely on stories coming up on my Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter feeds and what John Stewart has to say.

6) What was your favorite game as a child? – The board game “Sorry”. I drove everyone up the wall yelling “Soooorrryyyy” imitating the whining voice from the commercial.

7) Which magazines do you read? – Typically something like Runner’s World or Women’s Running and trade magazines for the long-term care/healthcare industry.

8) Why did you start blogging? – I wanted a way to link the video interviews from my YouTube channel to another forum. Then in this forum or blog, I wanted to be able to write about my thoughts and experiences.

9) Share one helpful writing tip. – As noted before, I’m not a trained or very well-educated person in regards to writing. That being prefaced, I try to realize that sometimes I just need to stop thinking/planning and just write. Worry about the errors and fixes after I get either a large portion or the whole thing written. I over think and overwork my ideas and that has tended to make me freeze.

10) Tell us about your blog. – My blog is titled, “Sofia – Wisdom of the Ages”. It encompasses a project that I had wanted to start several times and many years ago. I’m interested in documenting the life histories of our older adults, those that have lived during major historical events and adults in general that are facing or have faced major illness. I interview them to document their histories but also what they have learned, how they may have changed as a result of these milestone events and what wisdom do they want to pass on to next generations. The blog allows me to share via multimedia and to also write creatively about these interviews and the subjects that may get discussed.

Here are my ten questions:

  1. If stuck on a deserted island, what book would you want with you?
  2. The age you’ve liked experiencing the most so far?
  3. Your favorite subject in school?
  4. Name something from your Bucket List, if you have one or if asked to make one.
  5. What is something you are most proud of accomplishing up to this point in your life?
  6. First author that comes to mind….now…
  7. First word that comes to mind regarding this author.
  8. What is/are 1-2 focus of your blog?
  9. What is your dream job?
  10. If you could interview a famous person from any time period, who would it be?

These are the ten lovely ladies and their blogs that I nominate. (I apologize if you have already been tapped for this)

  1. Burgess Taylor
  2. Wtf am I on About Now?
  3. Love Happy Notes
  4. No More Can’t
  5. Amber Amulets
  6. Laura Gabrielle Feasey
  7. Serena
  8. The s.o.u.l. Inspiration
  9. People, Places, and Perspectives
  10. Deborah’s Deliberations
  11. Over Forty Witticisms’

I have had much delight reading the above women’s blogs on a regular basis. They have inspired me, encouraged me and helped me learn. Some of them have also made me very hungry. Thank you for all you bring into my world and letting me be part of yours!