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The time had come for me to burn and package the DVDs for my first two interviews in the Sofia – Wisdom project. As I am not a maestro when it comes to computers let alone graphic design, to say I’ve been dreading this is putting it midly. I could sit up here on the fence a little more or I could roll up my sleeves and jump down into the work pit. Today, I jumped.

Avery Products likes to make it seem a person will be able to just go online to their site, plug in the product number for a template and then lickety-split, you’ll have your label, card, insert, whatever. They are liars. After multiple placements of images, modifications to text color, size and font, I have carved a path in the carpet from my work desk to the printer. My FitBit is happy and I’m grateful I have WiFi in my house. Once I would get it to work on a preview print, inevitably it would get botched on the product print. These labels and inserts aren’t cheap. Every mishap that occurs I hear cha-ching!

This is how the DVD front and back case inserts look. They simplistic, no I’m going to change that to minimalist. Yes, that sounds better. Of course this is all I’ve got to work with. I’m trying to cut myself some slack.



My plan is to continue experimenting cutting my own stock paper to size if I can’t figure out a way to add color to the background of the page. It seems plain and sparse. Yet the other Avery options made it look childlike.

The DVD discs needed a label to cover the gaudy gold of the orginal. I was happy to find out that Avery makes DVD labels specifically designed and guaranteed to be able to take the heat from a DVD player. That being said, the template graphics one gets to choose from are pretty deplorable. Hmm, at least they’re being consistent! I settled on this one below for several reasons. First, the color. I’m not trying to be girly by picking pink. I really wanted to avoid it. This selection has circular flower petals that continue the circles seen in the Tree of Life image on the front DVD cover. I’m also tying into the pink of the tree’s trunk. Yes, a method to my madness.


There are also purple tones on the DVD label. The dragonflies on the case’s back cover also have purple-lavender shading. All these colors may not be displaying accurately on your screens. Trust me, they’re there. I’ve been tweaking at them for hours then raising my fist to the screen when the test page didn’t match up to the print outs.

This is how I’ve spent my day. I do miss having a Graphics Department like I had at my former job. This probably would have taken them minutes to come up with mock samples for me to choose from, then edit, etc. However, it would have taken forever to go through the rest of the insane inefficient approval process from those deemed more important than me. Taking that into consideration, I am grateful to be plodding through this because it’s all mine. I come up with my concept, how I’d like it to look, design it, print it then put it all together. It’s not where I want it to be but it’s mine. No one can take it away from me. You have to start from somewhere. Mickey Mouse didn’t look so hot when he first came into existence. But look at him now. Here’s to the Sofia- Wisdom project getting better as time goes on and it grows…or I’m able to afford a graphic artist. Any one want to donate time??