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I keep wanting to try taking a swing at writing about quotes people post and how I respond to them. I see these great quotes every day on other people’s blogs or Facebook pages. Depending on my mood or frame of mind, a quote can strike me about something I’m presently going through, have gone through or how I want my future self to approach my surroundings.

Late one night I googled the phrase, “quote images”. I not only like to search for quotes that mean something to me but how they are presented visually. (There’s nothing like a great quote being ruined by a lousy or hokey picture.) My search yielded a multitude of quotes for me to review. Memo to self, I now have a treatment to help me counteract insomnia or further worsen my eyesight. You pick.

The quote included here today “If you want to find a path with no obstacles, it probably won’t lead you anywhere” made the cut from last nights’ collection. It stood out because I hate the use of “no obstacles”. Tossing my grammar police ticket book aside for an obvious infraction, I proceeded to read the whole quote. Well, isn’t this just a nugget of life wrapped up into one sentence.

I know that I would love to have a life path that is easy, without problems, issues, walls, you get the picture. Show me a person who doesn’t and I’m going to cry, “bullshit”! And yes, I do believe there are actual paths in life that are obstacle free and lead to some great vistas. There are also times in life that a person can choose to take an easy path of least resistance thinking, “Ah ha! This is great!” only to realize somewhere later on that the easy path ended up selling them short. Worse, it resulted in having to do the whole dang thing over again. It’s happened to me several times. I’ll admit it.

I’ve taken that easy route sometimes to save me skin, not have to listen to other people’s comments anymore or because, in actuality, I was scared. All of the times I’ve chosen the road that wasn’t so rosy I ended up having to swallow my fear. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Did it anyway. What has been the result of this? Right now the harder paths are providing better results.

Quote Attributed to Frank A. Clark: Image