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Snapshot_Larry Mason

Last week, I sat down with Larry to discuss his views on life. What occurred was a conversation that lasted about an hour. Larry provided great details about his life, his belief in God, how he views and approaches life. He has a great insight on how to succeed in life no matter what may come. His work ethic is superior and has done well providing for his family. I look forward to sharing his words of wisdom regarding life with you in the near future.

Larry’s story is also about his amazing love for his wife of well over 30 years, Callie. Callie was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in 2008. Together, Larry and Callie have been living with this insidious disease and the effects it wrecks not only on the diagnosed person but their loved ones. Larry discusses how their faith in God helps them cope today. As you may know, it is a constant battle trying to keep your loved one with Alzheimer’s living in the home. Many have to move their family member to an assisted living facility or nursing home because it becomes too much. Larry is honest about both the bad and the good, the happiness and the sadness one experiences when living with Alzheimer’s in your home. Callie once told Larry not to worry, that God would take care of her. He lives with her words and strength in their beliefs that this will continue to happen.

I hope you will see  in this video what a great couple Larry and Callie are. “What God has joined together, let no one separate.” Mark 10:9