A few nights ago I should have gone and bought lotto tickets because I was on a streak of luck. Not once but twice in one night, I was contacted and told I had been nominated for two blogging awards. One of them was the Liebster Award. First I need to thank Laura L and her blog wtf Am I On About Now? for graciously nominating me. I am now going to point blank reuse what she wrote about the history of this award.

The Liebster Award has German origins. The word “liebster” has several definitions: dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant…It aims to discover new bloggers and welcome them to the blogosphere. Bloggers award other bloggers.”

Here are the rules for accepting the Liebster award:

* Post the award on your blog.
* Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog.
* Write 11 random facts about yourself.
* Nominate around 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have less than 200 followers.
* Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter and ask your nominees 11 questions.


1) I read Jane Austin’s – “Pride and Prejudice” at least once a year since I was a young girl.
2) I am addicted to almond butter. I can’t just take one bite.
3) I was a college DJ for our on campus station.
4) I got to interview John and John of They Might Be Giants while I was a college DJ.
5) My first college degree was supposed to be Communications – Radio and TV. I wanted to direct these new things called “music videos” and work at MTV.
6) I’m a cat person but I’m stopping at two…really, I am! They are my furry kids.
7) One of my favorite colors is lavender.
8) I hate cleaning.
9) I would like to return to see Italy as an adult.
10) My next dream trip would be to see Spain and/or New Zealand.
11) My favorite wine is a Petite Syrah.

1) Gelatinous
2) My Decade Long Travels
3) Puddles of Ink
4) Quinn’s Books
5) Caroline

6) Ramblin’ Rose
7) serena eats 
8) writingindevizes


1) Coffee or tea, which, and how do you take it? – Coffee…black or with just a little coconut milk creamer.
2)What’s the favorite blog post you’ve written so far? – It was the retelling of the love story between the Caldwells, former patients of mine.
3) What country would you like to travel to next? – Oops, already answered this one…Spain or New Zealand and I’ve never been to either yet.
4) What was the last movie you saw in a theater? – “Fault in Their Stars”. Cried like a baby. The movie did the novel justice which is rare.
5) What does your favorite “out on the town” time consist of? – Movie at Cinebistro so I can have food and wine while I watch the film. Worth the money!
6) What languages do you speak at least semi-fluently? – I’m voting for English although some would debate this…and Italian, enough to order food and read street signs/directions.
7) What’s the weirdest local “thing” (place, custom, whatever) where you live? – This is a hard one. I’m stumped. Let’s say that I can have a bunch of wildlife in my back yard (alligators, coyote, deer) but go less than 3 miles down the road and find a great modern mall.
8) Do you subscribe to a real newspaper? – Yes, my mother does. It seems a waste of paper and print 6 of the 7 days.
9) What habit do you have the other people roll their eyes about? – It used to be cracking my knuckles.
10) If the power goes out (and let’s pretend you have no batteries), what’s the first thing that you start missing? – The lamps/lights. I try to turn them on anyway.
11) What is the worst thing you’ve eaten? – Vegemite. Sorry to my Oz-land friends but I just can’t get a taste for it. 🙂


1) Do you have something that you’re compulsive about, like cleaning the house, closet organized?
2) Who is your favorite movie actor/actress?
3) Going out to eat, appetizer or dessert person?
4) Favorite course from attending school?
5) Dog or cat person, or both?
6) First thing you’d do if you realized you won the lottery jackpot?
7) Dream house, near water, mountains, desert, city?
8) Favorite book that you’d have no problem reading again?
9) Preferred way to travel, planes, trains, or automobile?
10) Do you have a favorite quote or saying, if so, what is it?
11) Name a hobby or activity you do in your free time other than blogging.