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Earlier this week was Monday’s Musing and Sofia’s Wisdom, which will occur on Wednesdays. On weekends you may see me post a Transient Thoughts if something strikes my fancy. Today, I’m starting another regular weekly posting – Gratitude Not Attitude which will occur on Friday’s. Usually by this time of the week, I find it’s a good opportunity to review events and remind myself of any positives that have occurred.

Without further delay, here are my 5 Things I’m Grateful For This Week:

1. That I got the opportunity to have lunch with a former co-worker to catch up and just have fun talking.

2. Cooler and less humid conditions in Tampa. Fingers-crossed they stay this way for awhile longer.

3. My headhunter/recruiter for returning my call and knowing how to pick me up and throw me back in the ring to fight another day.

4. Nominations of support and appreciation from my fellow bloggers in the WP blogosphere. It means so much.


5. Support from my mom while I go through this thing called unemployment and her additional positive support of my blogging and interviewing project. It means a lot on both the good and bad days.

So there you have it. Those are my 5 gratitudes. What are yours? Have a great weekend!