This week has been a challenging week for me. The combination of being sick, the negative effects of unemployment getting to rear their ugly head in my life and dealing with a delay in my schooling that’s supposed to assist my trying to find a job, have all left me feeling grim and hopeless at times. You’ll all have to forgive me if I’ve been a little absent and distracted this week.

However, ever being the one to try to find something positive to hold on to in addition to things like a roof over my head, food, water, clothing and shelter…which are little things, I know. I am very grateful I have them but feeling guilty I can’t pay my fair share for them presenlty. Yet I needed to find other things to be grateful for this week to remind myself of the good that can still appear, however small, when it feels the world is more out to squash you down than lift you up. So here are this week’s five:

1. My niece is getting married this week end and I’m happy that she has found the ability to trust that she would find love, believe in love and know that she is very worthy of being loved.

2. While I had a job, I did a lot of travel for it. As a result, I had enough points to pay for my flight back home.

3. I’m happy that I get to stay with my sister while I’m back home and that I get to spend time catching up with my family.

4. I finally met my goal to write the post on attending the Quality of Life Forum two weeks ago in spite of the fact that they still haven’t posted the presenters’ PowerPoints like they said they would.

5. I accurately packed all I needed to pack for my trip and both pieces of luggage made it to my destination.

Here’s to betters days and a better week. Every new day is a chance for something good if not great to happen. I try to hold onto this.