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It’s been another week for the books. This one has been mixed with some great events only to be tempered with a high stress situation. It’s been a week of trying to get back into the swing and structure of things after being away last weekend for a family event. It amazes me that four days away and with very little access to the internet can completely blow you off kilter, never mind writing.

My Five Things I Am Grateful Occurred This Past Week:

1. I got to fly home to see family and my niece get married.
2. I got to see two of my friends from high school after 27 years.
3. I got to enjoy great Rhode Island hometown foods that I don’t get in Florida like hot wieners, Autocrat Coffee Syrup and Allie’s Donuts.
4. I was able to interview two very interesting people about their lives – one being a two-time breast cancer survivor and the other being a 92 year old WW II veteran.
5. The reason I was late getting this posted today….I was able to work it out so that I get to keep my car since the lease ran out…not easy given my current situation…sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do! But I’m very grateful I have a car to get me to job interviews should anyone finally get smart and request to interview me. This was a major concern of the week worked out this morning. Oh and I had a headlight blow just to make it more stressful. My salesperson got the dealer to fix it on the house. Bonus!

Here’s to not just feeling better things are on their way but getting to see them too!

Happy weekend to you all!