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It’s another Friday traveling to another state. Not a wedding but to run across one of the highest bridges in the United States, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. I’m afraid of heights so the plan is to stick to the median on my way over the bridge. Oh…and to not look down…great!

My Five Things I’m Grateful For This Week:

1. I actually got a request to do a first round interview for a job in my actual field. It’s taken 3 months but I got one.
2. I was able to at least get one video of three up loaded AND edited before the schedule went crazy.
3. I get to see a friend this weekend that I have not seen in several months since she moved.
4. I get to have real Maryland crab cakes this weekend and see one of my favorite towns, Annapolis. It’s been over 18 years since I’ve last been here.
5. Due to all my travel for work (when I had my last job) – I didn’t have to pay for my plane ticket or hotel room. I even got a bonus free upgrade on my rental car. SWEET!

So even though I’m freezing right now, it’s been a good week. I hope everyone had a good week, themselves. Here’s to the weekend! May I survive my race over the bridge Sunday…fingers crossed. 😉