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I seem to be spiraling these past few weeks as a result of traveling. One week, fly to RI for a family event and some video-recording of interview subjects, come home for a week to almost get centered again, only to get back on a plane to go crazily run over a bridge with 20,000 strangers. I’ve been happy to be home this week to try and get back on track. However, family has been here to visit my mom…oh and me. Have I got much done? Not really. At least not to the level of my internal success indicators.

Therefore, I have felt pressed and inefficient. Now who likes to feel that way? Not me! This week has also resulted in some deep thinking and mentally playing out several scenarios as to whether I should proceed with a strong job lead or not. The need for scenario playing is that the job is in Columbia, SC doing what I was doing here in FL before I was laid off. Actually, it’s the SC version of my former company. That leads to a whole bunch of other concerns, back and forths and a major factor that they won’t provide relocation monies to boot. Maybe you can now commiserate as to my stress levels, headaches and feelings of spiraling. But yet, as always, there are moments this week that I am grateful for as I trudge along this thing we call life.

1. I faced my fear of heights and strong dislike of cold windy weather and completed my 10k race over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. It was surprisingly warm and calm 185 feet up on that bridge come race day.
2. The views and pictures I took during the race and the time to enjoy all this were some of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. I usually do a race to get it done as quick as my turtle self can do it. This time I switched to the goal of stopping to enjoy and take pictures. I ended up still getting the race done in the time I thought it would take without planning to stop or take my time! I will most likely never do this race again. However, I have some great memories and pictures to prove it. Here’s some proof!


3. I’m about to start my class prep work for PMP certification. I’m grateful that I was able to organize others students to petition the school to start this class now vs. their plan to hold until sometime in January. When you’re unemployed, time is of the essence. The school finally saw this and agreed. Now starts the fun torture and not having enough hours in the day. Yeah, let’s get this party started!
4. I am reminded to be grateful that I received the WIA grant money I got for the MS Project and PMP classes. I was upset that my other classmates are getting more funds than me because they live in a more populated FL county. Unlike my county, these students are being begged to take more course work. When I inquired if I could somehow get more funds, I was informed my county was almost out of money. By grace, I applied when I did (the start of the new fiscal year in August) and was able to get the money I got. I was very lucky!
5. I am grateful for my home. I missed it, my bed, my mom, my furry babies, my views around it. I’ve decided that in the end I enjoy it too much to leave it. This fact did play a large role in my decision to not proceed further with the job opportunity in SC. Tampa Bay Florida you seem to be stuck with me for the time being.