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Well, it’s Friday. That means it’s time for me to get into my Gratitude not my Attitude mind frame. Let me say that it does help to not be traveling and worrying about having access to WiFi or having enough data left in my cellular plan to hotspot my iPad. It gets expensive to hotspot once your cell phone is no longer being paid for by your company! 🙂

After much thought, here are my five for the week:

1. I am satisfied that I took the high road and wrote a nice business appropriate response to a possible employer. I notified them that I could no longer be considered for a position at their organization due to several thing including (nicely put) their inability to assist me in relocating to their state. What I got in response was a 12 worded email. Hmmm…I may have dodged a bullet there, me thinks!

2. I kicked myself out of my doldrums and my flannel PJs to go shmooze and network at an after work professional networking event. Believe it or not, I do more work and computer “stuff” now at home being unemployed vs. when I was working. I find it hard to drag myself away from my task(s) at hand because I have so much I want or need to get done before “I have to return to the work world and being chained to a desk somewhere” or at least that’s my fear/dread. However, it’s wrecking my socialization and my work-outs!

3. I am so grateful that my chiropractor is paid for until Feb. 2015 and that he gets it when I say I’m having “ice pick” headaches. Boy that session Wednesday got me back to feeling more myself. I’m glad I dragged myself there!

4. I started my official PMP (Program Management Professional) classwork this past Saturday. It’s a lot of reading and thinking. I’m trying to remind myself not to freak and it will all sink in over the next few weeks. I’d love it if osmosis truly did work for learning new things. Here’s to the goal of getting certified and it helping in work endeavors.

5. I stopped getting down on myself about my lack of desire to train for my upcoming half-marathons. I yet again dragged myself out of my flannel PJs (hey, it’s been cold here for us Floridians!) and went to the weekly Thursday night Pub Run 5k. I told myself to have fun and see if I could run the whole 3.1 miles even if I did it slowly. I am happy to say that I did run the WHOLE thing, no walking intervals, and I wasn’t even as slow as I could have been! First time ever…I stopped myself from the internal voice of “Never…can’t do”. Yeah me! Now I did stop at the water station turnaround for a drink and to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Here’s that sunset. Enjoy!