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For those of you in the United States, how was your holiday? How’re your digestive efforts?? In my house, it was out for a restaurant dinner but still plenty of leftovers. The realization this year, I’m getting to old to handle all that eating. It looks like next year’s Thanksgiving is to be a small at home affair. Now that there’s a Whole Foods, Fresh Market and Trader Joes in the area, I’m sure I can pre-order something up. Here’s to Christmas being a trial run for this. As you can guess, cooking full meals from scratch is not allowed during the holidays in this house. Long story.

Here are this week’s Gratitude Five:

1. My PMP certification prep class is 1/3 done and other classmates have also started sharing study materials. Not just me.
2. To the Sam’s Gas station attendant who let me use his Sam’s Membership number. This allowed me to use my Walmart gift card to fill my gas tank. Seems the State of Florida provides Walmart cards for finishing/starting my grant paid classes for those in Pasco county. Unlike other counties in the state which they provide straight gift cards that I could use at any gas station. This man risk reprimand and helped an unemployed lady out tremendously.
3. There are a ton of leftovers in the frig, including 2 servings of tiramisu. Considering the things that went wrong at the dinner, they were earned. But my mom loves tiramisu so it was accepted happily.
4. Starz is currently free on my cable TV provider. I will now be partaking in holiday binge watching and thankful I have the free time. I love holiday binge watching and/or reading.
5. I was actually emailed by a company about a job opening. I was asked to interview if I was still in town for the holiday. Of course I was. Well, I know I got along well with one of the two people that interviewed me. The other, I couldn’t read as well. I was given the opportunity to interview first. Here’s to the waiting to hear but hoping I made a strong positive impression the others can’t top.

I hope you all had a great week with much to be grateful for, from the little to the big.