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Last week was a week low on things to be grateful about in my world. For sure, to keep myself going I reminded myself that I still had the little things to be grateful for and I was. I was truly grateful to have a roof over my head and money to still put gas in the car and buy food. Yet, I was in a funk to find bigger things to be grateful enough about to post last Friday. Instead I decided to stay in my world and lick my wounds in seclusion.

This week, I decided to figuratively stand up, dust myself off, and start all over again. So what if I was passed over for a retail job for other candidates. I’ll go with the reality that with 2 masters degrees, yes I was over qualified. They knew I’d leave for something in my field once it came along. After all, this week I had a first telephone interview for an opportunity that I would really like to be hired to do. I also decided to stop letting my life whirl around without much structure. I made the effort to experiment with a different approach to scheduling for the week. I even wrote about it for Monday’s Musing. I have to say that using this approach to planning for my week’s activities has been going pretty well. I do find it has helped me keep more of a balance which has resulted in less stress and negative mind speak.

Here are things I’m grateful for this week…can I make it to 5?

1. I think I did well on the HR initial phone interview this week for a job opportunity I would really like.
2. I’m grateful that when I requested prayers, positive thoughts, etc to my friends on FB for this interview, so many responded. It was nice to know I wasn’t alone.
3. I was finally able to edit, produce and then write about the amazing interview I had with a WW II veteran back in October. It’s been making feel agitated that I was taking so long to finish this project. I still have 2 other video interviews with other subjects to attend to but I know I will. Otherwise, if you haven’t read my post about John O’Hara, please do. I think you will enjoy learning from him!
4. I’m so happy that my chiropractor was able to get a bone in my left lower leg back in place (along with other corrections) after my very painful 1/2 marathon on 11/30/14. It’s nice to not be in agony! It’s nice that these treatment were prepaid earlier this year too 🙂
5. I’m grateful for my hairstylist. She continues to help keep my hair decently colored (gotta hide those grays when job shopping as an older adult) and cut. She has lowered her price until I can get back on my feet.

Yeah! I made it to five! It has been a week that probably hasn’t been much better than last week. However, this week I determined to be in a better frame of mind so that I would allow myself to see more of the good than the bad. Here’s to the weekend and a great next week!