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2014 has been, overall, a very difficult year for me. I can’t say I’m sad to see it end. However, even in the bad times which included recovery from toe surgery that pretty much tanked my running abilities, high job stress that did indeed result in being laid off & unemployed for 5 months and sadness realizing who wasn’t there & didn’t have my back after so many years of having their’s…I’ve also seen and done some great things.

I’ve completed 9 races (no medal for Moffitt) which tells me just how much I can take to see things through to a finish. I can say I have a crown πŸ˜ƒ. I got to participate in 3 inaugural races. One of which I overcame my fear of heights and ran over one of the highest bridges. Another had me not give up for 12 hours to achieve @29 miles and finishing an Ultra. I made it to Key West finally & ran the 5k bandaged toe in hiking sandals and discovered I love Bloody Marys and KW sunsets. I thankfully had enough banked frequent flyer and Hilton points to be able to go home to see family, my niece’s wedding and some high school friends who I hadn’t seen since graduating in 1987! I got to see Annapolis after 14 yrs. I still love that place. And at the eleventh hour I witnessed so many things come together that resulted in me accepting a job right before Christmas! So even in the darkness, the light shines through and I keep going on my “race course” of life knowing I am a strong “muther f*cker” and that can’t be taken away from me! Thanks everyone who’s been there this 2014 when I reached out for help. Many of you know that it’s not easy for me to do. 😍

Sofia- Wisdom of the Ages blog and project will continue in 2015. Giving my new employment position, I may have to re-structure my posts and frequency. So have patience with me as I figure this out. I can feel that this is going to be a great year! Heres to an amazing, happy, healthy and prosperous 2015!!