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If things stayed the same, I remind myself that I would soon become bored. At some point, I would become complacent, dissatisfied, and restless. I’ve had to learn this about myself, accept it. And from others, I’ve had to learn that it’s OK, that my dissatisfaction can be a positive. It ignites me to keep moving, to keep trying to improve. Determined.

You are hopefully aware of the goals and vision I have for this blog and website. They are posted on my “About” page and you can get a sense of it as you explore. Sofia – Wisdom of the Ages is my aspiration, some have termed it my passion project, to gather and record the life histories of adults. Furthermore, it is a mission of mine to fulfill a vision to use these histories to share the knowledge and wisdom that people amass over their lifetime. I have been dissatisfied with the tendency of our society to ignore the value of what a person learns over a life. Each person has a legacy of wisdom and lessons learned to share for the greater good of our society. This sharing of knowledge through collected life stories can help people improve how they see and understand things going on around them. It can assist in them deciding that they are OK or help them feel better about making a change in how they view/approach life. It may be the safety of knowing that others have thought this or faced this situation before me. It lets us know that we are not alone.

My dissatisfaction in how we ignore and waste the life knowledge of our older adults moved me to start this project and in the face of failure, to keep forging on. I am grateful to have an opportunity to be a caretaker, of sorts, for this information and make it available for others to benefit from, to improve their situation. It’s a huge undertaking. In the end, I may not even make a dent in recording all of the life histories and wisdom out there to be collected and shared. What keeps me going is my belief that no one’s life should be considered insignificant; that it is somehow devoid of any information others can benefit from reading or hearing. What keeps me trying when facing obstacles such as time, money, and distance is the drive to share the stories of the people I meet and interview. Determination. Even with similarities in lessons learned or types of wisdom experienced, each person is an individual. Each individual has had their own experience on this planet that no one else will have. It is the similarities with the differences in point of view that still make each person unique. How awesome is this. We can be similar yet so different. A paradox in life.

It is my pure hope that you find enjoyment when exploring the stories and videos I share here and on my YouTube video channel. Stay with me as I continue to grow and improve in my ability to share all of this great knowledge people have gifted to me. There may be times when I have to slow my efforts. Bear with me. It is the support for my vision that I have received these past few months that keeps me looking for ways to continue. You help keep me determined. And although I dislike having to request, I ask that you consider donating to my efforts. I would like to increase my efforts to cover traveling to interview and record people that are not local or don’t have access to Skype. There are so many people and their lives that I want to reach out to but my budget can’t allow meeting with them. Thanks for your support now and in the future. Thank you for donating, should you choose. It will help more than you know.

Let me know if you have some one in mind who’s life story you believe I need to record. I’d appreciate being able to share it.

Donations of support can be made at my Go Fund Me page. Thank you in advance.