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I never thought I would be able to meet this goal. I wondered, who did I think I was?  “Write a book never mind sell it.? You can’t get an agent or a publisher. ” I would berate myself. Try to talk myself out of attempting it.  Well, where there’s a will…there’s Amazon Digital Press. 

What I’ve written isn’t a great work of art. I won’t fool myself that much. Yet it is has been written from memories about older adults that I’ve met along my way. These memories and stories have stayed with me because they struck a chord; taught me something. They continued to teach me as I brought some of the older memories back to the forefront of my mind to write about them. May their stories hold meaning for you, too. My hope is that I will be able to continue to collect others’ stories so I can write and share more in the future. 

With some perseverance and patience on my part, I’ve done what I set out to do. Returning to work got in the way a bit, along with delays in some projected deadlines. But I did it. I enjoyed being immersed in the creative process. I miss it now that I’ve gone back to the grind of a 45+ hour work week. I’ll get back to it, though. I can hear the stories in my head. Sooner or later, I know from experience, they will make their way out and on the page. Otherwise, I won’t be allowed to rest. 

Here’s the link to my book, ” Memory Collectors: Lessons Learned Spending Time with Older Adults”. If you decide to download it, I hope you find enjoyment in reading as I did in writing it. Thanks in advance for your support.